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Rain Check

"Rain Check" Business Marketing ( Trade Mark ) is a leading global retail, travel and service industry customer retention, loyalty, lead generation, sales and rewards innovator that facilitiates commerce between businesses and their customers.

Rain Check specialises in providing fully managed customer retention strategies including the "Buy Later - Pay Less" facility that enhances the traditional "Rain Check" concept that is popular throughout the World.

We facilitate "Rain Checks" to avoid losing business, to create customer interaction and to reward valued customers or clients.

Rain Checks are redeemable in store, on merchant portals and on My Rain Check Shopping which is a global portal that showcases and sells products and services provided by its merchant members.

Merchant Members of Rain Check offer discounts, loyalty cards, concessions, rewards and promotional campaigns to the public and their existing valued personal customers in their own business and on the highly popular My Rain Check.

My Rain Check makes sales, issues reward cards and in some of its campaigns collects payments that are remitted next business day to merchant members minus our modest marketing fee that varies for each merchant based on sales volume and sale value of the goods and services offered.

Rain Check markets products and services to boost customer numbers, greatly increase brand awareness and grow cash flow in social media, online, with posters, on sales portals, with flyers or brochures, affiliate marketing campaigns, banner advertising, public relations campaigns and by content marketing.

Rain Check also markets products and services offered by its merchant members to the "buy ready" Rain Check internal membership list through newsletters, social media posts and email marketing campaigns. Read More

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